Your WVWA Listing

The WV Portal allows you to edit and optimize your consumer-facing page on and ensures that WVWA has the most up-to-date information about your business.

WVWA is investing resources in digital marketing, including paid search and social media advertising. This is actively driving visitors to the website. Optimize your listing’s performance by adding images, video, current content, updated amenities, direct links to reservations and shopping cart pages, offers, and events.



  • Marketplace - This is where seasonal campaigns and promotions will be posted. 


  • Member Directory - Your primary contact will appear here. You can edit this contact under Profile > Contacts.


    • Accounts (your business information)

      • Under “Actions,” click the pencil icon to edit.

      • Click the green dropdown arrow to manage amenities.

      • Note - Amenities change regularly. Be sure to stay up to date with any changes.

    • Contacts

      • The “primary” contact is included in our member directory.

      • Contact roles allow us to target communications - please select all that apply.

    • My Benefits

      • Review your listing’s views and clicks, plus results of events and offers.

    • Listings (your profile on the WVWA website)

      • Click the pencil icon to make edits.

      • Be sure to add your social media profiles, plus your online shop and reservations URLs here.

      • Descriptions should be about 1,000 characters (please do not add links to this text).

      • Keywords allow users to find your listing in searches. Include characteristics, common misspellings of your name, and acronyms. Separate entries with commas.

    • Special Offers

      • Include end dates for your promotion so it will automatically be removed from the site.

      • Add your special offer image to the media library first, then you can select it from the available images. 

    • Calendar of Events

      • Upload high-quality photos to accompany your event listing (better photos have a better chance of being featured on the home page).

      • Note: Events and special offers will appear on the site about one hour after approval.

    • Media

      • Include your business name and a brief description of the image content in the “title” field and it will appear as “alt text” for each image. This is important for visually impaired site visitors and helps drive traffic to your listing from search engines.

      • Prioritize photos over logos. The best listings have a gallery with several professional, high-quality photos. You can also add video.