Our harvest campaign is always an opportunity to create interesting and authentic content for the WVWA website and social channels. Start with the action items below for engaging with WVWA activations already in motion to amplify your brand's content and overall presence during the harvest season.

Please send all content submissions to Membership Manager, Julie Dalrymple, and reach out to her directly if you have questions. She's your go-to guru for everything harvest marketing!

Need some inspiration? Keep an eye on the consumer facing harvest hub as we build out harvest related content throughout the season. We'll add more engaging content every week!

  • Use #wvharvest2022 and @wvwines in posts on your social channels so that we can re-share and add them to our social streams. (Reminder: You must tag us @wvwines in your instagram stories for us to be able to share them!) The hashtags #wvwines is always ongoing, so use that, too. 

    We are especially seeking high-quality early-harvest/harvest prep photos that depict the excitement of the season. Send Julie your high-quality original (not linked from Instagram) photos. Remember that authenticity is the key to great social media. Be yourself and speak for yourself.

  • Submit your events through the WV Member Portal.

    EVENTS: Select Collateral > Calendar of Events, and select all applicable categories, including "Harvest Season".

    SPECIAL OFFERS: Select Collateral > Special Offers.

  • Let us know how it's going! Willamette Valley fans want to hear about vintage successes at your winery. Describe the excitement of the first pick of the season, report on the stellar crew you've assembled, tell us about your process and philosophy. Did you send a harvest update to your customer email list? We can repurpose that! Just email Julie Dalrymple with the verbiage you'd like to include.

    PSST! We'd love to include a photo with your report! 😉

  • Want to be interviewed? Let Julie know. Questions might include: What is the biggest curveball that the 2022 growing season has thrown you? Any funny stories to share? Did you have to get creative with harvest interns this year? We can use these stories for both our ongoing Q&A and social media (especially if you send an accompanying photo). Winemakers, assistant winemakers, vineyard managers and cellarmasters are all welcome to request an interview, and if you want to answer the questions as a whole crew, that works too! 

  • Our audience can't get enough of your recipes. Send a recipe (please send the text if possible, rather than a pdf or screenshot) and a high-quality original photo to Julie, ideally with a wine pairing and a brief explanation of how this dish came about or why you like it. 

    PSST! If you don't have a high quality pic, don't sweat it! We will access our stock image library and include a photo of one of the main ingredients.

  • Share your spotify playlist with us. We'll promote your winery and your personality by letting visitors know what jams keep you going on your longest harvest days.

    1. Create a spotify account.
    2. Create a playlist.
    3. Make sure to use your winery's name in the playlist title, so it displays correctly. Also make sure your playlist is public.
    4. Once your playlist is made, click the “Share” button (the circle with three dots), and select “Copy embed code”.
    5. Email that embed code to julie@willamettewines.com.
    6. If you can't figure all this out but you definitely have a playlist, tell Julie the songs in your email and she will create it for you. Limit 25 songs. Note that some songs are not available on Spotify.




Harvest Events & Special Offers

Monday, 9/19

Thursday, 9/22

Harvest has begun!

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Harvest Recipes

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Harvest Playlist

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Winemaker Interviews

Monday, 10/17

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Harvest Stories

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Harvest comes to a close

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