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Diamond Strategies Trainings Offered and taken by WVWA Members in 2022-2023: these courses have been offered by the WVWA to members in 2022 and 2023. Make sure you are signed up to receive the WVWA Bulletins so that you hear about future offerings of these and other courses.

PLEASE NOTE: Given the sensitive nature of these conversations, DEBI trainings are not recorded. Personal stories/information offered during these discussions are not shared outside of the live session.


LGBTQ+: Activating and Inclusive Environments - Tuesday, January 9
Generational Differences in the Workplace - Tuesday, March 12
JEDI and Women: Activating and Inclusive Environments - Tuesday, April 2
Indigenous Knowledge Systems, Sustainability, and Innovation - Tuesday, April 9
Race and the Evolution of Oregon - Tuesday, May 14


Bystander Intervention Training - Tues., Aug. 15, 10am - 12pm
Managing Your Triggers - Wed., Sept. 13, 10:30am - 12:30pm
Abilities and Accessibility - Tues., Oct. 10, 10am - 12pm
Community Engagement and Outreach - Tues., Nov. 14, 10am - 12pm 


Access to previously offered trainings, is available by request.

  • What is Diversity, Equity, Belonging, and Inclusion?

  • Inclusive Hiring, REALLY

  • Unleashing the Power of JEDI: A Leadership Deep Dive

  • Using Tools and Building DEBI Leader Skills

  • The Art of De-escalation and Interest-Based Resolution

  • Allies and Accomplices: Tools for Equitizing Together