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It’s the Superbowl, the show—the most important time of year for our wine industry. With their purple fingernails and exhausted smiles, our winemakers join a tradition that goes back thousands of years: turning each year’s beautiful crop of fruit, carefully tended for months by our dedicated vineyard crews, into wine that tells the story of its place and time.

During Harvest we offer you a glimpse of our crews navigating an evolving list of pandemic-era precautions, along with the same pump-up jams (see our harvest crew playlists), long days, Mount Hood views, sore muscles and pure magic that make each Willamette Valley vintage remarkable. Throughout September and October, check out Harvest Reports for the latest news from our wineries, Harvest Recipes for the foods that keep our crews going, and Harvest Q&A for winemaker interviews. But we bet you’ll want to come to wine country to experience for yourself our spectacular fall weather, bountiful wine events and the excitement of the season that makes everything we do worth celebrating. Welcome to Harvest.

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Latinx Winemakers of the Willamette Valley


From September 15 to October 15, events throughout the Willamette Valley will celebrate the contributions of the Hispanic community to our industry. We rounded them up.


Sunrise harvest at Argyle's Lonestar Vineyard


For some, it’s beyond their control. Logistical mixups or over-demand can lead to awkward fruit picking times, sometimes well after the sun has set. For others, it’s quite intentional. Harvesting by night offers an array of attractive qualities, from chilly clusters to getting an early jump on the day’s winemaking duties. Why pick at night?


Pinot noir grapes in a bin at Anacreon Winery


Willamette Valley Pinot noir is almost always harvested by hand rather than machine despite the added time and financial cost. Why?



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