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2023 Harvest Outlook from Elk Cove on Vimeo.

“The decision about when to harvest these grapes is by far the most important decision I make as a winemaker every year. And to get out there and to stomp around the vineyards, to do your own sampling, to taste the grapes on the vine, to look at the canopy, to look at the health, you can really start to gain a picture for what you might choose to do in the winery in terms of extraction and the amount of time it’s gonna spend in a tank what barrels it’s gonna go into. Everything we see and taste in the vineyard reflects on what we do in the winery.”

Owner/Winemaker, Elk Cove Vineyards



Durant Vineyards | Dundee Hills AVA

Picking Pinot noir

Paul Durant & Spencer Spetnagle



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