News About The Willamette Valley

Here's the latest from the Willamette Valley. For press coverage of our wines, our people and wine country living, see our media page.

Why Do We Call It Cellar Season?

THE VERY IMPORTANT NEXT STEP During harvest, winemaking is front and center: visitors to most... Read More

An Intern's Perspective

AN EAST COAST SOMMELIER REFLECTS ON A WEST COAST HARVEST Lisbet Lopez is a Sommelier at Amara at... Read More

Why We Hand Pick

Willamette Valley Pinot noir is almost always harvested by hand. Why? Each year when harvest... Read More

The Night Shift

Night harvest in the Willamette Valley For some, it’s beyond their control. Logistical mixups... Read More

What's Vintage Variation?

What’s Vintage Variation, and Why Does It Matter? Do you remember what the weather was like... Read More