Cannabis Dispensaries

We’re guessing you’ve heard all about Oregon’s world-class cannabis industry. You’ll find dispensaries geared toward a range of tastes throughout wine country. Here’s what to know if you plan to indulge:

  • Visitors may not use cannabis in public places or public view (places like winery tasting areas are considered to be public view). 
  • Visitors may purchase cannabis from licensed retailers and consume it on private property and away from public view. 
  • Visitors may not smoke cannabis in most hotel rooms (but check with your lodging about their individual policy).
  • Visitors may not drive or ride a bicycle under the influence of cannabis.
  • Visitors may not transport cannabis across state lines (even if traveling to another state where cannabis is legal).
  • In some cities and counties, local ordinances prohibit cannabis dispensaries from operating. Check this list.
  • There are legal limits on how much cannabis you can carry on your person. See them here
  • You may share your cannabis with anyone over 21, provided everyone follows the rules above and no money is exchanged.
  • Don’t be shy with questions during your visit. Oregon has had several years to develop a flourishing culture around legal cannabis, and it shows: dispensary staff and “budtenders” are knowledgeable, proud of their trade and eager to guide you in your selection. You may find your first trip to an Oregon dispensary has more in common with a winery or brewery visit than you expected!
  • Be aware that dispensaries are generally cash-only. Most will have an ATM on-site.

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