MULTNOMAH FALLS | Bridal Veil, Oregon

Day Trips

We’re blessed with pretty awesome neighbors, and depending where you stay they can often be turned into a day trip on a single tank of gas. It’s hard to miss our most iconic landscape feature on a clear day: Mt. Hood, the highest point in Oregon, just over an hour east of Portland. Mt. Hood offers hikes, winter sports in season (and freestyle skiing and snowboarding year-round), mountain biking and other outdoor adventures. Also east of Portland, the stunning Columbia Gorge features waterfalls, hiking trails and striking views of the mighty Columbia River and Cascade Range mountains. 

To the west you’ll find mile after mile of wild, unspoiled Oregon coast and the Pacific Ocean. Beaches, seaside towns and attractions abound, but it’s also possible to find a quiet place to pull over and just take it all in. Seals and sea lions make the Oregon coast their home year-round, and it’s even possible to see whales, especially during their spring and winter migrations. For information about exploring Oregon's other great wine regions, check out the Oregon Wine Board visitor's guide.