Green Garlic Soup

PAIRED WITH: Alloro Vineyard Estate Chardonnay

Executive Chef: Chris Smith

"Green garlic is one of my favorite flavors of spring, the subtlety of the early shoots leaves a fantastic flavor without the often sharp bite of mature garlic. I like to serve it slow-cooked in a silky smooth soup, the bright green color leaves the diner with that overwhelming sensation of spring and the flavor of the soup lingers on the palette in a way that craves a crisp glass of wine and a loaf of bread to sop up the remnants."


-In a heavy bottomed pot over medium heat: sweat onions and garlic until translucent and aromatic.

-Add Chili flake and oregano and deglaze with white wine.

-Add 2qts water, potato, and sachet.

-Simmer over medium-low heat until potato is tender.

-Remove sachet and add cream.

-Remove from heat and blend thoroughly in small batches, add the spinach, season to taste and serve