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Willamette Valley Collectors' Auction


The second annual Willamette Valley Collectors’ Auction Powered by Zachys closed via live auction on April 6, 2023. Thank you to those who joined us to bid on an incredible catalog of rare, library and collectible wines and experiences from Oregon’s top producers—spanning 22 years, 73 wineries and the entire Willamette Valley. Winning bidders got their hands on expertly-cellared bottles and one-of-a-kind collections that can’t be found anywhere else. While focused on the region’s renowned Pinot Noir, lots also included Chardonnay, Riesling, Gamay Noir and Sparkling Wine.

This auction strengthens the Willamette Valley Wineries Association as it positions the Willamette Valley among the most prestigious wine regions in the world and supports its winegrowing community.

Vintage Seminar - Tuesday, March 28

As the kick-off to this year's Willamette Valley Collectors' Auction, Samantha Cole-Johnson hosted a Vintage Seminar diving into the ageability of Willamette Valley wines, asking,  "How much does terroir matter in making a wine ageable?"