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Memorial Weekend In Wine Country

Willamette Valley In Bloom

Springtime in wine country is cause for celebration! With our long-running Memorial Weekend in Wine Country event (virtual for the first time in 2020), our wineries open their doors to welcome the return of vibrant colors to our landscape and the first chapter in the story of the next vintage. We also kick off the summer tourism season, basking in dry, warm, sunny weather that brings everyone outside. This is the time for exciting new white wine and rosé releases, soft buds emerging on the vines, the scent of flowers everywhere and the joy that comes with a fresh start. 


We celebrate Willamette Valley wine all year round, but especially during Oregon Wine Month, when the entire state joins in commemoration of our beloved industry for the month of May, offering special activities and promotions for the enjoyment of Oregon wine. Visit for more information about Oregon Wine Month.